Back Linking Options As Per The Need

This tactic requires a certain initial investment but once implemented, it clearly allows you to establish your backlinking and to fully control the anchors of your links, the words and expressions that surround your anchors as well as the frequency of acquisition of new backlinks.

A Private Blog Network (PBN) is an ecosystem of blogs ranging from 20 to 300 sites built from expired domain names. By buying strategic domain names, you will be able to benefit from their notoriety and all the backlinks acquired by old sites in the past. The objective of this technique is to redirect as many links as possible to your target site, also called Money Site, to offer it the best possible visibility. You can buy backlinks and have the best results now.

If a PBN is very effective, it must be handled with care

Your various satellite sites should not be used to make only backlinks to your site, they require a regular supply of content and must be carefully studied on many aspects:

  • choice of keyword families,
  • choice of target pages,
  • distribution of anchors,
  • quality and themes of domain names,
  • choice of IPs and hosting,
  • construction of PBN to be spread over the medium / long term,

This technique is rather intended for people who have a solid knowledge of SEO  to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of PBN. Uncontrolled, your network of sites can very quickly produce the opposite effect to that expected. It is also possible to be accompanied by SEO experts to better master this tactic.


  • Anchor controls, choice of landing pages
  • Dedicated juice
  • Control of all risks possible
  • Scalable
  • Ultra powerful
  • Adaptable
  • Bonus over time
  • Very many possible strategies


  • Many technical prerequisites to be respected
  • Infrastructure management
  • Its cost in “home made”
  • Decisive and demanding strategy
  • The essential ingredients for an effective and juicy backlinking strategy.

You now know the different backlinking methods available to you. Now let’s take a look at the good habits to take to build a quality link profile and which apply to each technique described above:

Turn only to sites that are relevant and consistent for your business to strengthen the semantic relevance of your site. Off-topic backlinks are unnecessary at best, and detrimental to your SEO at worst.

Systematically analyze

Trust Flow and Citation

Flow using Majestic and  Spam Score with Moz before planning to acquire links. These tools give valuable indications but the results are nevertheless to be taken with hindsight. Ditto for repurchases of expired domain names: it is essential to verify that errors or harmful SEO actions have not been made in the past.

Standard directories and link farms are to be avoided:

These massive link acquisition techniques worked before, but not anymore. A few good quality directories (Trust Flow of 20 minimum and Citation Flow of 30 minimum) can accommodate your links, but don’t overdo it.

Maintain a good ratio between optimized and non-optimized anchors whatever happens

Favor complex link exchange schemes over reciprocal or triangular links as far as possible, for better exploitation of everyone’s SEO juice.As often (always?), favoring quality over quantity remains the best advice to apply. A bad backlink can be more harmful than useful for your SEO and destroy all your SEO optimization efforts.